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Ribbon cutting with giant scissors held by David Studdert and Kam Moler
Raising the curtain on cutting edge

Chemical Imaging

SCIMS Reveal

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The Stanford Center for Imaging Mass Spectrometry was revealed on September 21, 2023, with ribbon cutting by Vice Provost and Dean of Research David Studdert, ScD, MPH, and former VPDoR Kam Moler, PhD, joined by Tim D'Souza, Waters Vice President-Americas; Xiaowei (Vivian) Lu, PhD, MS Imaging Scientist; Allis Chien, PhD, SUMS Director; and Claudius Mundoma, PhD, Director of Shared Instrumentation Facilities in the VPDoR Office. SCIMS is founded on Waters' groundbreaking SELECT Series MRT (Multi Reflecting TOF) and Cyclic Ion Mobility mass spectrometry platforms.

Close-up of Garvey McKenzie working with the MALDI source on the Multi-Reflecting TOF MS

Garvey McKenzie, PhD, inserts a target plate into the MALDI source of the Multi Reflecting Time-of-Flight (MRT) mass spectrometer

A group of Stanford scientists including Pete Zushin, PhD; Prof. Sean Wu, MD, PhD; Fang Liu, PhD; Anna Okumu, BS; and Marios Georgiadis, PhD closely inspect the DESI source along with Engineer Jeff Satkofsky

Scientists sitting in front of large mass spectrometers

Waters Engineer Jeff Satkofsky shows off the Cyclic Ion Mobility mass spectrometer to a rapt audience, including Prof. Kanwaljeet (Sunny) Anand, MBBS, D.Phil., and Anna Okumu, BS.

Close-up of Xiaowei (Vivian) Lu working with the DESI source on the Cyclic Ion Mobility MS

Imaging MS Scientist Xiaowei (Vivian) Lu, PhD, adjusts the placement of a glass sample slide in the DESI source of the Cyclic Ion Mobility mass spectrometer