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For volatile small molecules: Gas chromatograph coupled to a single quadrupole MS with electron ionization (EI).


Instrument: HP 7890/5975 GC-MS, single quadrupole MS with electron impact ionization source.

The system is equipped with a 100-vial autosampler tray and a split/splitless injector. The GC column is a 30 meter long HP-5MSI (5% phenyl)-methylpolysiloxane, with a ID of 0.25 mm and a film thickness of 25 microns.  The carrier gas is helium, flow rate 1 mL/min.

Detailed information regarding sample preparation, solvents, and available methods is available in the GC/MS training guide.  This material is intended as a reference guide, and does not take the place of the live training session.

The open access instruments are located in Mudd 175A, and are available 24/7 to trained users. Instrument-specific user accounts and card key access are provided following a mandatory hands-on training session. Training info