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SUMS is on iLab, an online system intended to streamline the process of ordering, tracking and billing for core analysis requests. All core usage is processed through the system, which requires a one-time registration as described below. Once you are registered, the system will enable you to place analysis requests, provide required approvals, and monitor progress.

I. Account setup

  1. Complete the Intake Form with your project information to find the right person to work with on your project and discuss project goals and experimental design.
  2. Stanford Service Center User Agreement

Please have this agreement signed by the designated personnel at your organization and return it to us.

Note: We are authorized to sign this agreement with you as-is.  If you have any questions regarding the legal terms, please contact Katherine Lane, at the Stanford Industrial Contracts Office.

For-Profit: Download

Non-Profit & Academic: Download

3. Register for an iLab account (After meeting with SUMS and returning the Stanford Service Center User Agreement).

  • You will receive a welcome email with iLab login credentials and basic instructions to access the core and place orders.

4. For-Profit only: Establish Financial Account: Retainer   (This step can be done in parallel with Step 3)

  • The portal contains information about the retainer and how to submit the retainer funds.

II. Workflow: what to expect

  1. Once your iLab account setup is completed, you will be able to submit a service request online. However, you will not be able to submit samples with your new account until a PO is in place.
  • For maximum efficiency, please fill out the request form with as much information as you can, so that we have sufficient information to work with. You may be contacted for more information and discussion if necessary.  iLab request status will be “Waiting for core to agree”.

2. SUMS will generate a quote for you according to the information in your submission form; iLab request status becomes “Waiting for researcher to agree”.

3. Please have Purchase Orders (POs) written to the following address for the quoted amount and send a copy of it to for review.  Blanket POs are strongly recommended.

Stanford University Mass Spectrometry
PO BOX 885150
LOS ANGELES, CA 90088-5150

4. After PO acceptance, the iLab request will be sent back to you for agreement. Please log into iLab and click “Agree” to the request.  The iLab request status will become “Waiting for core to begin”.

5. Ship samples to:

Chemistry Receiving
c/o SUMS
337 Campus Dr, MC 5080
Stanford, CA 94305-4401

6. SUMS begins work on the request; milestones within the request may show status changes, e.g. “Sample Prep – finished”

7. SUMS completes work and sends data to researcher; iLab request status is “Completed”


*F&A: Stanford University uses Facilities and Administrative costs (F&A) to recover certain expenses not covered by user fees. The F&A is applied in addition to the quoted iLab fees and will be applied to the invoice at the time of billing.

For FY24 (Sept. 2023 – Aug. 2024), external for-profits and non-profits, will be charged 54.4% F&A. 

Note: F&A and service rates are subject to change.