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2022 SUMS-RAS Schedule

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Wednesday November 16, 2022, 9 am Pacific Time (UTC -7)

Times: Activity:
9:00 am Welcome & Launch
9:10 am Dr. Sharon Pitteri
Intact Glycopeptide Analysis of Human Tissue and Fluid Samples for Cancer Detection
9:30 am Dr. Chris Lock
Exhaled Breath Analysis for Metabolic Profiling, Drug Levels, and Biomarker Discovery
9:50 am Fun Facts Trivia & Prize Raffle: Thermo
10:00 am Dr. Karrie Weaver
Mass Spectrometry in Space and Time: Using ICPMS to Characterize Materials Across Disciplines and Through the Ages
10:15 am Dr. Shou-Ling Xu
Making Invisible Visible
10:30 am Dr. Yuqin Dai
Metabolomics Knowledge Center: Open Access LC/MS Facility To Support Life Science Research
10:45 am

Dr. Christie Jilly-Rehak
Dynamic SIMS at Stanford: Applications in Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry using the NanoSIMS and the SHRIMP-RG Instruments

11:00 am Fun Facts Trivia & Prize Raffle: Sciex
11:10 am Dr. Parag Mallick
Quantifying the Reproducibility of Proteogenomic Analyses using a Semantically Aware Discovery Engine
11:30 am Dr. Ruth Huttenhain
Mapping the Diversity in Spatiotemporal Regulation of G Protein-Coupled Receptors
11:50 am Fun Facts Trivia & Prize Raffle: Agilent
12:00 pm

Wrap up & Landing