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SUMS Weekly Office Hours
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2021 SUMS-RAS Posters

SUMS Research Applications Symposium


Thursday October 7, 2020, 10:05 am Pacific Time
Host: Fang Liu, PhD


Sara Little - Proteoform Scientific
Acetone precipitation results in SDS depletion and detection of low abundant proteins
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Chris Adams - Bruker
Real-time search of Ubiquitin diGLY modified peptides and PaSER acquisition control on the timsTOF PRO
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Ireshyn Govender, Stoyan Stoychev - ReSyn Biosciences
Urinary biomarker discover and verification in antiretroviral-induced acute kidney injury using SWATH-MS: a retrospective study
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Maria Basanta-Sanchez, Marshall Bern - Protein Metrics
Oligonucleotide analysis by mass spectrometry: Sequence display and automation is no longer a Sisyphean task
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Gaelle Bridon - Agilent Technologies
An improved reverse phase LC-MS/MS method for the measurement of bile acids in biological samples
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