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Tuesday October 7, 2014
Stanford Mass Spec Users' Meeting
Keynote speaker: Dr. Peter Jackson

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Proposals for FY15 are being accepted, earliest start date 9/1/14.
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Welcome to the web home of the Vincent Coates Foundation Mass Spectrometry Laboratory. The laboratory is named in honor of a generous gift from Vincent and Stella Coates, given through the Stanford School of Medicine to support the mass spec & proteomics facility as a shared core resource. It is a Bio-X core facility, embodying the Bio-X spirit of interdisciplinary communication and collaboration. It is also partially supported as the Proteomics Shared Resource of the Stanford Cancer Center. The laboratory's expertise and support are available to researchers throughout Stanford University & Medical Center and worldwide.

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Beyond making available state-of-the-art, user-friendly facilities and services, the laboratory enables education, methods development, and new applications development, designed to meet the rapidly evolving needs of researchers. Due to the essential information that mass spectrometry provides to researchers in the fields of the physical and life sciences, medicine, and engineering, the laboratory serves as an “intellectual watering hole” at the crossroads of diverse disciplines.

At this time, we have in operation three GC-MS and eight LC-MS systems -- one single quad, two ion traps, three triple quads, one hybrid quadrupole-time of flight, one benchtop Orbitrap and one hybrid LTQ-Orbitrap. Software resources include instrument-specific packages Xcalibur, MassLynx, ChemStation; proteomics software Mascot, Bioworks, Sequest Sorcerer, Scaffold; and other tools Mass Frontier, QuanLynx, OpenLynx, MetaboLynx, ChemDraw.

Routine mass spec and proteomic services include molecular weight determination, MSn, LC-MS, high resolution MS, protein identification by proteolytic digest, nano LC-MS/MS and database search, standard and long column capillary chromatography and MudPIT, and more. Please contact SUMS to discuss custom work such as complex proteomic analysis, quantitation, metabolomics, de novo peptide sequencing, new application development, and other projects.

Please check back regularly, as the website is constantly being developed and updated in response to user feedback. It is our hope that these pages will be a valuable resource to you.


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