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SUMS move to BBB

December 2018 - February 2019

SUMS is currently in the process of moving to the Bass BIology Building!  The move is carefully planned and staged to maximize operational uptime. 
You can find SUMS personnel in our existing location (Mudd 175) until late January -- we'll let you know when to start going to Bass.  We will be in the basement of the north wing; come down the elevators, then look for the blue directional signage. 

Mass Spec Move Timetable

Week of: Instruments moving:
Dec 10, 2018 Intuvo single quad GC/MS
Dec 17 Scion triple quad GC/MS
Jan 7, 2019 Orbitrap Elite nanoLC/MS (Beachy)
Jan 14 Quattro triple quad LC/MS
  Vantage triple quad LC/MS
Jan 21 Orbitrap Elite nanoLC/MS (Twelite)
  LTQ linear ion trap LC/MS
Jan 28 QE-HFX nanoLC/MS
  Microflex MALDI-TOF
Feb 4 Orbitrap Fusion nanoLC/MS
  MicroTOF-Q LC/MS
  Exactive Orbitrap LC/MS
  8030 triple quad LC/MS
  7890/5975 single quad GC/MS (Open Access)
Feb 11 SQD2 single quad LC/MS (Open Access)



























The bulk lab move will be the week of Jan 21
The bulk office move will be the week of Jan 28


Contact Info

Phone numbers, email addresses, and USPS mailing addresses will remain the same.

Our street address is changing by 2 digits, from 333 Campus Drive to 327 Campus Drive.

In the basement of the Bass Biology Building, the SUMS office -- the best place to find us -- will be room 024.  The Open Access lab is room 018, and the Medium Access lab is room 023A.