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COVID-19 update, November 30, 2020:

SUMS is safely supporting research under current physical distancing and occupancy rules.  Meetings and seminars continue to be held via Zoom.  Email us at spectrometry@stanford.eduMore info

SUMS FY21 Seed Grant Program --
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2020 SUMS-RAS Schedule

SUMS Research Applications Symposium


Wednesday October 28, 2020, 9 am - 2 pm Pacific Time

9:00 am Welcome & Orientation
Brandon Ruotolo
Collision Induced Unfolding: A New Paradigm in Rapid Protein Stability Measurements
9:35 am Beatrix Ueberheide
All Tangled Up: High Resolution Neuroproteomics of the Human pTau Interactome
10:05 am Poster Session - Lightning presentations and Q&A with the authors
10:35 am Break
10:50 am Raffle: SUMS, Evosep, Agilent
10:55 am Miloslav Sanda
Structure and Site-specific N- and O-Glycosylation of the SARS-VoV-2 Spike Glycoprotein using Low Collision Energy Fragmentation and Cyclic Ion Mobility
11:25 am

Balyn Zaro

Proteomic Analysis of Young and Old Hematopoietic Stem Cells and their Progenitors Reveal Unique Post-transcriptional Regulation in Stem Cells

11:55 am Break
12:10 pm Raffle: Waters, Bruker, Proteoform
12:15 pm Jim Prell
Getting Quantitative with Native Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry
12:45 pm Chris Crutchfield
Cutting-Edge Application Developments in Clinical Mass Spectrometry
1:15 pm Sponsor Breakout Session I:
Waters, Agilent, Promega, Shimadzu
2:00 pm End from breakout sessions


Thursday October 29, 2020, 9 am - 2 pm Pacific Time

9:00 am Welcome & Orientation

Ulrike Kusebauch
Discovering Tyrosine Phosphorylation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Tanveer Singh Batth
High-throughput Ex-vivo Organ Specific Identification of Drug Targets

9:35 am Kelsi Sandoz
Keeping It All Together: How Mass Spectrometry Revealed a New Tethering Mechanism in the Gram-negative Cell Envelope
10:05 am Break
10:20 am Raffle: Shimadzu, ReSyn
10:25 am Roundtable Discussion
11:25 am Raghav Sehgal
Drug Metabolism Database: An Integrated Omics Study to Catalogue Metabolic Changes from 500 Drugs, in 50 Different Cell Lines over 5 Years
11:55 am Break
12:10 pm Raffle: Sciex, Promega
12:15 pm Lihua Jiang
A Quantitative Proteome Map of the Human Body
12:45 pm Sponsor Breakout Session II:
Protein Metrics, Bruker, ReSyn, Sciex
1:30 pm Raffle: PharmaFluidics, Protein Metrics, Thermo
1:40 pm Closing Session
Poster awards & presentations
2:00 pm Voyage concluded